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Going International From Within

An internationalisation of curriculum project of International School of Business (ISB), HAN University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

What is Going International From Within (GOIN)?

GOIN is an action-based research project funded by a Comenius Grant of The Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO). It aims to improve the international curriculum of the International School of Business (ISB) HAN University of Applied Sciences by integrating students as a knowledge agent through a method called 2Ms method.

College Students

Students as Knowledge and Network Agents

GOIN proposes a curriculum design that allows the integration of a global perspective in the curriculum content by leveraging students’ knowledge and networks. 

Looking at the context of ISB, the student population consists of around 65 different nationalities. These students come from all over the world, not only from Europe but also from Asia, Latin America and Africa. They bring with them their knowledge and networks that offer rich materials for developing an international curriculum content that is characterised by a global perspective. They can be an agent of knowledge in the classroom.

2Ms Method

At the heart of GOIN is the 2Ms method, which realises students’ potential to be knowledge agents in the classroom through mapping and matching stages. In the mapping stage, the needs for an international content in a particular module and students’ available expertise will be identified. Based on these inputs, in the matching stage, an appropriate teaching activity will then be selected in which students play a role as a knowledge agent. In this project, we are developing various tools for implementing the 2Ms method in the curriculum development of an international business school. The project description can be downloaded here.

Image by Alvaro Reyes

Comenius Grant

The aim of the Comenius Programme is to help teaching staff put their ideas to innovate education into practice. By facilitating a wide range of educational innovations each year, the programme contributes to the improvement of Higher Education in the Netherlands. The programme offers grants to Teaching Fellows, Senior Fellows and Leadership Fellows. The Fellows are distinguished on the basis of their experience and the extent of their impact on education

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